16/03/2017 — Free EV charging @ Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca

Every visitor can charge its electric vehicle for free at Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca! Please contact us to arrange your visit and check availability. You can also find us on an online map of charging stations for electric vehicles.

15/12/2016 — Tortellini&CO and Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca

They came to visit us with their passion for good kitchen, with their constant research for the best ingredients, it was supposed to be a short meeting but it ended talking about everything immaginable about food…  Are you curious to know what our friends from Tortellini&CO say about us ? Discover it here!

26/03/2014 — ABTM Graphic Stamp Tool designed by Martí Guixé

The Exhibition “Guixe ³: Event, Experiment, Essay” will take place during the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2014 (2014 Furniture Exhibition in Milan). Marti Guixe is more than a designer, he is a contemporary life reader; he looks at the present time and interprets it by designing objects, “handy works of art.” He surprised  and impressed us […]