15/12/2016 — Tortellini&CO and Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca

They came to visit us with their passion for good kitchen, with their constant research for the best ingredients, it was supposed to be a short meeting but it ended talking about everything immaginable about food…  Are you curious to know what our friends from Tortellini&CO say about us ? Discover it here!

26/03/2014 — ABTM Graphic Stamp Tool designed by Martí Guixé

The Exhibition “Guixe ³: Event, Experiment, Essay” will take place during the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2014 (2014 Furniture Exhibition in Milan). Marti Guixe is more than a designer, he is a contemporary life reader; he looks at the present time and interprets it by designing objects, “handy works of art.” He surprised  and impressed us […]