ABTM Graphic Stamp Tool designed by Martí Guixé

ABTM Graphic Stamp Tool. Marti Guixé per Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca. Foto: Inga Knölke

ABTM Graphic Stamp Tool. Marti Guixé for Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca. Foto: Inga Knölke

The Exhibition “Guixe ³: Event, Experiment, Essay” will take place during the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2014 (2014 Furniture Exhibition in Milan). Marti Guixe is more than a designer, he is a contemporary life reader; he looks at the present time and interprets it by designing objects, “handy works of art.” He surprised  and impressed us with his idea to create a tool apt to stamp foods – and not paper – using our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (ABTM) instead of ink. A special ink made of two ingredients: the cooked grape must and the ageing time, recognized in its traditional typicality as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). You need just a few drops of ABTM to transform a simple taste into a delicacy. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena seals its flavors and scents with this new exhibition. A stamp that leaves colour, flavour and scent.

Guixe ³: Event, Experiment, Essay
Instituto Cervantes, Via Dante, 12, Milan
Event: An event a day of new types of products.
Experiment: exhibition of experimental objects in collaboration with Antto Melasniemi
Essay: Exhibition of furniture, lamps and accessories.
Event # 2: Thursday, 10/04 at 18:00. Presentation of Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca.

Martí Guixé (Navás, Barcelona , 1964). With excellent training as an interior designer and industrial designer with work experience that led him to work as a designer for brands like Camper, Cosmic, Authentics or Alessi. Guixe revolutionizes the design working with living material, it can be transformed and deformed due to hybridization of fields such as anthropology, humor, gastronomy, typography, the humanities, the sciences, engineering and the drawing. His proposals, halfway between the design and the visual arts, have been shown in solo exhibitions such as those presented in the dining room Vinçon Barcelona and Lleida Gose (2001 ), but also as a collective “ Workspheres “ at the MOMA in New York (2001), “ Sonic process “ of the MACBA in Barcelona (2002), where he presented the installation “ Date Square”, a reading room, listening and documentation on creating electronic music of the last ten years.” – via Instituto Cervantes


 „G_S_T is a tool that allows you to introduce elaborated graphics into the dish composition using the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena as a medium. Thus the ABTM no longer has the role of an ingredient, but the one of an icon with taste and personality.“ Martí Guixé, 2014