Breaking Balsamic: a Breaking Bad Parody


From Breaking Bad to… Breaking Balsamic.

Breaking Balsamic Breaking Balsamic is a parody of American television series Breaking Bad. Created by Turner Barr, the film was shot at Villa Bianca and talks about Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the real one. Let’s take a step back. Fall 2013, the harvest is almost over, the visits at the Acetaia continue. Turner Barr, an American blogger who goes around the world in 80 jobs, comes to visit our acetaia. He works with us for a day: we harvest, we cook the must and we talk. He tells us his story and we narrate the story of our family, of our product: the passion for six generations. We show him the peculiarities of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, which has nothing to do with the other vinegars, and something clicks.

“Their devotion to the purity of traditional balsamic and the stark contrast between traditional balsamic that comes from the Emilia-Romagna region and the regular, over-the-counter street shit, reminded me of one of my favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad.” – Turner Barr

Turner proposes to shoot a parody of the show at Villa Bianca, about ABTM. At the time none of us had ever seen the series, however, we respond with enthusiasm to his proposal. A week later we receive a storyboard and a few days later the shooting started. What’s the plot? We do not want to ruin the surprise. Enjoy the show!

I luoghi e i protagonisti del video.

Breaking Balsamic: the places and the characters.

Behind the scenes of „Breaking Balsamic“

Al lavoro, al bar.

It all starts with a coffee.

A San Damaso e a Modena, in campagna e in città.

In the countryside (San Damaso) and in the city (Modena).

A ognuno il suo casco.

To each his own helmet.

Turner and Emilio. Real or fake?

Turner and Emilio. Real or fake?

Le riprese della fuga lungo il viale di pioppi cipressini.

The shooting of the escape along the avenue of poplars.

Abbiamo pigiato uva a tutte le ore.

We pressed grapes at all hours.



Emiliano, Turner, Emilio, Irene, Aurora e Claudio.

Emiliano, Turner, Emilio, Irene, Aurora and Claudio.

THANKS to: Nicholas Montemaggi (Blogville) for introducing as to Turner; to the genius and madness of Turner Barr who has involved us in this adventure, Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli who has done filming of incredible beauty in painful light conditions (rain, gray, dark), Moritz Vogel who edited the video, Alberto Lepri (El Grippo) a great actor for a day with a gorgeous Vespa and the two actresses who have lent their faces even though they do not appear in the video (Irene and Francesca). We invite you to visit Turner’s blog „Around the world in 80 jobs“ and read his version of the facts.

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